Chile 1962

logo 1962 Chile


The logo positions Chile’s national flag on the ground within a stadium, symbolizing that the World Cup is taking place on their ground. Behind the stadium is both a globe and football.


Chosen by FIFA during its inspection tour in 1961, this poster was designed by Gabarino Ponce, whose work was chosen from over 300 entries. Note the fantastic colour coding with Chile, and the football in the same tones. The ball is like a moon, or maybe even a sputnik.

Poster 1962 Chile

1962 Crack Top Star

Ball • Crack Top Star

The Crack ball had an innovative design. It was composed of 18 irregular polygonal panels, having three different shapes: hexagonal, rectangular and hexagonal curved, all joined together by manual sewing, as if it were a kind of big puzzle.  It must be admitted, that the Crack model is still the ball most difficult to describe with words, because of the complexity of its panels. With the new latex valve the air was retained longer, and the ball maintained a good spherical shape.

Song • El Rock del Mundial